John Fawkes is a highly sought after marketing consultant and copywriter with 10 years of “boots on the ground” digital marketing experience.

He helps entrepreneurs, coaches, and consultants take their businesses to the next level with copy that actually SELLS…

About John Fawkes

Hey there, thanks for swinging by.

If you’re looking for killer copywriting that actually SELLS, you’re in the right place.

I’m John Fawkes and I’m a direct response copywriter and marketing consultant
and I help entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants make mountains o’ cash online.

It’s what I do.

Wake up.

Drink coffee.

And then help my clients to…

crush it online using the
“hypnotic power of the written word”!

  • Like my real estate broker client who sold $69,304 worth of info products in a week from one of my webinar sequences…
  • Or the alternative healing client who added six figures to his funnel when I re-tooled his OTO page…
  • Or my clients in the coaching and consulting industry that are making five figures every week from my copy…

I have one personal development coach who makes
his mortgage payment every time that he sends one of my emails to his list!

I know a guy who spends his time traveling all over the world, having adventures in exotic places like Bali and Hong Kong while he cashes in the online profits from the sales letters I write him.

Another publisher makes about $10,000 for every single email I write him.

I could go on, but you don’t care about the humblebrags…

…you care about YOUR business profits!

Here’s the thing:

Working with a bulletproof copywriter is the fastest way to
double or triple your online profits!

So here’s the 7-figure question:

Are my services right for you?

If you can answer “YES” to any of the following:

  • You’re an entrepreneur with a great product or service and you’re ready double or triple your online sales…
  • You have a successful coaching business and you’re ready to turn your expertise into a scalable information product…
  • You’ve got a steady flow of leads but you’re having a hard time turning those leads into sales…
  • You understand marketing strategy and copywriting is a meaningful investment in your business and you’re ready to go
    “all in”…


we just might be able to make a ton of cash together!

If you’re interested, simply click the contact button below to
contact me now.

-John R. Fawkes.

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